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The Courdins of Val Pellice


This book is the story of a Waldensian family that emigrated to Uruguay from Europe in 1858.  In 1875 the family relocated to southern Missouri in the USA.

About the Author

Jim Staley (1930-2023) is a direct descendant of a Courdin family that immigrated from Val Pellice to Uruguay in 1858 and then to Missouri in 1875. Numerous stays on the Missouri farm established by his great-grandparents inspired interest in his Waldensian heritage.


The first of his several visits to Val Pellice and other Cottian valleys was in 1984. In 1987 he made the first of two trips to Uruguay.


He is also the author of Come in Swanee Leader. This book is an account of the thirty-three months he served on USS LST 561 during the Korean War. He returned to college upon the expiration of his enlistment and earned a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. After several years in industry he then spent the remainder of his career in education teaching electronics.