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The Courdins of Val Pellice


This book is the story of a Waldensian family that emigrated to Uruguay from Europe in 1858.  In 1875 the family relocated to southern Missouri in the USA.



The information contained in this book was derived from hundreds of sources.

The starting point was author's collection of documents and material that he has been assembling for the past fifty years. The heart of this trove consisted of books on the Waldenses dating back to 1826. It is believed that the translation from two volumes printed in Uruguay in 1928 and 1958 is the first detailed account of the Uruguayan experience published in English.


Contributions of pictures and family histories were made by cousins from every branch of the family.


The Missouri home established by his great-grandparents was visited countless times and where the author lived in 1943 - 44. During the visits and his residency he acquired a multitude of relevant items and met many of the now deceased relatives who are subjects in the book.


Since my step-father Jim passed away in 2023, I will keep the website going with added reference material collected by Jim as he researched "The Courdins of Val Pelice". I found thousands of files, documents, and pictures on Jim's computer. I don't know what everything is but want to make it available to those who might appreciate it. I organized files in groups that seem reasonable to me based on Jim's computer folders. Most pictures are jpg files and should open on any computer. Most documents are either Microsoft Word doc files or Microsoft Excel xls files. They also open on a Mac computer.

Documenting and uploading individual files is too much for me, so I'm bundling files that seem related into collections you can download as zip files. As the zip file bundles are quite large, each zip file has an accompanying text file listing all the files in the zip bundle.

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Extra Material for the Book

Download the "Extra Book Material" zip file bundle (714MB).

Download the "Extra Book Material" text file list (263KB).

Family Trees and Related Documents

Download the "Family Trees" zip file bundle (20MB).

Download the "Family Trees" text file list (29KB).

Waldensian Newsletters

Download the "Waldensian Newsletters" zip file bundle (191MB).

Download the "Waldensian Newsletters" text file list (7KB).

Barthelemy Long Fighting for Napoleon in the War of 1812

Download the "Barthelemy Long" zip file bundle (5MB).

Download the "Barthelemy Long" text file list (1KB).

Historical Postcards of Monett, Missouri

Download the "Monett Post Cards" zip file bundle (27MB).

Waldensian Cemetery near Monett, Missouri

Download the "Waldensian Cemetery Guide" pdf file (2MB).

Download the "Cemetery Guide Photos" zip file bundle (76MB)

Download the "Cemetery Guide Photos" text file list (5KB).

Download the "Cemetery Plot Records" zip file bundle (110MB).

Download the "Cemetery Plot Records" text file list (10KB).

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