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The Courdins of Val Pellice


This book is the story of a Waldensian family that emigrated to Uruguay from Europe in 1858.  In 1875 the family relocated to southern Missouri in the USA.

"The Courdins of Val Pelliceā€ contains over 280 images.

These are a few.


The Waldensian valleys are on the eastern side of the Cottian Alps.

An 1838 steel engraving depicting the bridge over the Chisone at San Germano.

A 1986 photograph of one of the Waldensian valleys.

A typical rural home with walls over one foot in thickness and a heavy slate roof, 1986.

Jean Pierre and Catherine (Courdin) Planchon family just prior to  leaving Uruguay for Missouri in 1875.

The dedication of the church in La Paz, Uruguay in September 1893.

The David W. and Mary (Cairus) Courdin family with Eliza Planchon and Stephen Courdin, ca 1885.

Wallace Lautaret, a grandson of David and Marie (Courdin) Lautaret, 1908.

The shop of David Paul Courdin in Monett, Missouri, ca 1900.

Henry Long in the Long dairy wagon, ca 1910.

The John and Mary (Reynaud) Courdin family, ca 1904.

Sunday visitors during the era of children.

Last day of school, Pleasant Dale, 1909.

Waldensian youth band, ca 1914.

A National Historical Place. The David William Courdin home, 1958.

The John and Magdelaine (Courdin) Planchon family, ca 1947.

Waldensian cemetery, Barry County, Missouri.

Descendants of Henry and Florence (Reynaud) Arnaud, 1999.